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YEXT - What Actually Happens When One Cancels Yext

YEXT - What Actually Happens When One Cancels Yext | Local SEO for local businesses | Scoop.it
This is a case study of what happens when one decides to cancel Yext. While conclusions are indefinitive, it sheds some light on the processes around Yext.
Peg Corwin's insight:

Concluding Excerpt:

"1) It is very possible that after one cancels their subscription with Yext some of their listings would disappear. This is not necessarily the fault of Yext, but it does happen.

2) It is also very possible that some information might get reverted back to its state prior to using Yext PowerListings.

3) Listings created or “locked” using Yext are not owner-verified and thus the business owner would not have control over them once Yext PowerListings is canceled (unless, of course, they go and claim them manually).

4) It is very possible that Yext might not get some incorrect listings fixed or removed, specifically in the cases where there is more than one listing per business per website.

5) Almost no listings outside the Yext network are directly or indirectly influenced, at least within 1 month after the Yext subscription started, by what has been done within Yext’s network alone."

I have used Yext, but I will be leary of recommending it from now on.

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